Sunday, July 16, 2006

Conclusions after a photography seminar

Wow!! I attended yesterday to a photography seminar on studio lightning at Santa Ana (California). It was 1 and 1/2 hours driving. After having driven that way a few times (I mean the I-5), I realize how similar and how different is driving here in relation to driving in Spain. People here drives more slow than in Spain (well, in this particular case, we could compare it to the M-40, around Madrid what is quite similar to the 5 in Los Angeles), although anyway, once every 3 minutes you'll be thinking bad words about the mother of any of the drivers around... Same as in Madrid...

Anyway, I loved that 8 hours seminar!! It was so cool (as in any of the previous photography classes I've taken) to talk for a while with other proffesionals and lovers of photography!! I loved being able to refresh my memories of the old good times in EFTI, my dear photography school in Madrid ( ). Also I realized, I NEED studio lightning NOW. Heck! The not easy part is going to be where to get the money from! I wish it'd grow up in the trees!

I realized of the MAAAAAAAANY things you can do with just a couple studio flashes. Same like in the photoshop, the only limit is your imagination! So many tricks to do, so many variations... I wish I had used some of my money in a different way and bought this kind of stuff in Spain. Well, not so sure: With the difference of voltage and that stuff, putting those (eventual) flashes bought in Spain to work here, might have been a pain in the tip of the nose!!

Whatever... let's see. I'd love if, for the end of this month, I'd have managed the way to get those 2 or 3 studio flashes. Hopefully 1 or 2 weddings and a couple of shots for kids, would do it!!


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